Yamashinobu is a Japanese inn and hot spring with just 12 guest rooms in our spacious grounds of nearly 5,000 square meters. Located just five minutes from the Kurokawa Hot Springs, it is a fully authentic Japanese inn featuring traditional wooden construction. The inn features a total of seven baths accessible 24 hours a day, with water rich in minerals that improves the beauty of your skin, including separate indoor and outdoor baths for men and women as well as private baths. At night, you can enjoy star gazing or sip on local sake in front of the fireplace.

Our inn features a total of seven different hot spring baths. In addition to separate indoor and outdoor baths for men and women, there are also three private baths allowing you to enjoy a dip in the hot spring whenever you like. Extra towels are provided in the changing rooms. Please lock when you are in the private bath.

About the Ota Hot Springs

The Ota Hot Springs are located just five minutes by car from the Kurokawa Hot Springs known throughout Japan. Surrounded by bucolic farmland and abundant nature, here you can enjoy a deep sense of Japan’s four seasons, whether it is the rich forest greenery of springtime, the dance of the fireflies in June and July, the rich colors of autumn, or perhaps even enjoying a toasty outdoor bath in winter while taking in the snowscape. The high quality hot spring water is also known for its skin beautifying minerals.

Enjoy local cuisine in our dining rooms made with abundant ingredients produced by farmers in the community.

Our head chef produces traditional but creative Japanese multi-course meals using locally grown vegetables, rice from our own rice paddies, and brand beef. We even serve the Kumamoto delicacy of horse sashimi (raw horse) for adventurous diners.

Our three types of guest rooms are the authentic Japanese style rooms in the main building, cottages featuring both indoor and outdoor baths, and our new building constructed in a cottage style. The hot spring baths in each room can of course be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. Free Wi-Fi is available in every room.

Guest rooms in the new buildingThese rooms featuring the two connected spaces feature indoor and outdoor baths with ample spaces for two guests or even three guests.

Cottage guest roomsThe spacious 10 tatami mat and 4.5 mat rooms offer the perfect amount of space for five or six adults.
These cottages are perfect for groups or trips for the whole family including children and grandparents.

Standard Japanese roomThe rooms, which feature two connected tatami rooms of 7.5 and 3 mats respectively, do not feature private baths in the rooms, but 24 hour access to the male and female baths and free private baths is available within the main building.

How to enjoy the "Yamashinobu" inn

In addition to trying our various baths, we also offer a 30 minute star gazing service from 9:00 PM after dinner on nights with clear skies. Enjoy viewing the seasonal night skies through our large size astronomical telescope. We also provide a free local sake service at our fireplace.

Yamashinobu5960 Manganji, Minamiogunimachi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture, 869-2402
Tel : 0967-44-0188

Guest rooms : 12
Check in : 3:00 PM
Check out : 10:00 AM
*A check out time of 11:00 AM is also available. Please ask us if required.

【Pick-up service】
A pick-up service to collect guests at either the Kurokawa Onsen Bus Stop or Tsuetate Onsen Bus Stop is available.
Pick up : 3:00 PM or later (please ask) 
Return: Please ask

Please confirm the following before making your reservation.

【Cancellation fee】
30% cancellation fee up to 7 days before the reservation date
50% cancellation fee up to 1 day before the reservation date
100% cancellation fee on the reservation date (and 100% cancellation fee for those who cancel without contacting us).

1. Let us know of any food allergies or restrictions you have when making your reservation.
2. Guests are required to provide us with a phone number or email address where they can be reached on the day of the reservation.
3. Please let us know of your check in time in advance, and contact us on the day if you will be delayed for one hour or more.
4. Please be aware in advance that your reservation will be canceled if we do not hear from you by 8:00 PM on the day.

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