Enjoy local cuisine in our dining rooms made with abundant ingredients produced by farmers in the community.

Our head chef produces traditional but creative Japanese multi-course meals using locally grown vegetables, rice from our own rice paddies, and brand beef. We even serve the Kumamoto delicacy of horse sashimi (raw horse)
for adventurous diners.

Dinner is served from either 6:00 PM or 6:30 PM

Drink at the dinner will be extra charge.

Example dinnerThe multi-course dinner, a Japanese tradition, includes delicacies such as Japanese Brown beef and even horse sashimi for the adventurous, as well as the bounty of the mountains including local free-range chicken, fresh river fish, and wild vegetables. Enjoy flavors that can only be experienced here, such as the vegetables grown in our own farm, and our home-made soba (buckwheat) noodles.
※ The menu changes with the seasons

Example breakfastBreakfast is served in the dining rooms.
Here you can experience a traditional Japanese breakfast.

Breakfast is served from either 8:30 AM or 9:30 AM.

Meals are served in the mornings and evenings in our dining rooms. Enjoy leisurely dining at our traditional sunken tables.
You will be entertained by a parade of seasonal flavors surrounded in the warmth of the traditional Japanese wood constructed interior.

【Japanese dining room featuring traditional sunken tables】

Enjoy your leisurely meal as you take in the bucolic scenery. Each table features ample space for dining. Tables that can be partitioned for a bit of privacy are also available. (The semi-private tables do not have a view of the outside.) Guests may be directed to these tables depending on the number of diners.

【Dining room featuring standard table seating】

Our standard table seating is recommended for couples. The relaxed interior features the ample warmth of wood. This dining room is located on the second floor.