Our inn features a total of seven different hot spring baths. In addition to separate indoor and outdoor baths for men and women, there are also three private baths allowing you to enjoy a dip in the hot spring whenever you like. Extra towels are provided in the changing rooms. The private baths can be locked from the inside.

About the Ota Hot Springs

The Ota Hot Springs are located just five minutes by car from the Kurokawa Hot Springs known throughout Japan. Surrounded by bucolic farmland and abundant nature, here you can enjoy a deep sense of Japan’s four seasons, whether it is the rich forest greenery of springtime, the dance of the fireflies in June and July, the rich colors of autumn, or perhaps even enjoying a toasty outdoor bath in winter while taking in the snowscape. The high quality hot spring water is also known for its skin beautifying minerals.

Outdoor bath (men)This large outdoor bath is surrounded in greenery and bold, dynamic rock formations.
Male guests will enjoy the natural scenery and quality hot spring waters at their leisure throughout the four seasons.

Outdoor bath (women)Our female guests often tell us that our hot spring water infuses their skin to make it moist and smooth, much like skin moisturizer.
Come experience this water for beautiful skin. You will feel its moisturizing properties right away simply by wetting your hand.

Our private baths in three locations can be accessed at any time, and include both indoor and outdoor baths.
When entering, just post the occupied sign and lock the door from the inside.




Indoor baths for men and women

We also have separate indoor baths for men and women.
Enjoy a leisurely dip in these baths featuring constantly flowing hot spring water direct from the source.